About Us Mathew Nott

Meet Our Principal

Mathew Nott is the founder and principal of our firm and was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2017. He specialises in criminal law and is recognised as a compelling solicitor advocate who believes in, and fights for, our clients.

Mathew’s legal experience also extends to practice areas including traffic offences, family law, property and debt recovery, medical negligence and wills and probate.

With legal specialisation the hot trend, Nott and Co Lawyers was founded as a networking enterprise. No law firm can specialise in all things so Nott and Co Lawyers is wired into the expertise of numerous specialist law firms and barrister’s chambers. A 360 degree view of all aspects of any legal problem is there for our clients as many core problems have other linked legal issues that need to be considered.

Technology is in the DNA of Nott and Co Lawyers. We use it to keep prices down, service levels up and enable 24/7 communication channels so voices are heard when the need to be.