What is Making False Accusations?

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Section 314 Crimes Act 1900 NSW.

Often, this charge arises out of somebody contacting state or federal police and making statements that are false and that lead to a criminal investigation. The maximum penalty is seven years in prison.

What The Prosecution Must Prove

Before you can be found guilty of any offence of Making False Accusations, the prosecution has to prove three things beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • That you knew that the person you made the statements about was innocent
  • That you made a false accusation about that person anyway
  • That you intended them to be the subject of a criminal investigation.
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Examples of possible defences for these types of offences include:

  • Where you were coerced or threatened into the fraudulent conduct (duress)
  • Where you engaged in the fraudulent conduct to prevent serious injury or danger (necessity)
  • Where you accidently obtained a financial benefit that you were not entitled to because of an honest and reasonable mistake of fact
  • There may be mental health issues that can be factored in.

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Making False Accusations