Driving And Traffic Offences

Nott and Co Lawyers get the best available outcomes in driving when charged with a Driving And Traffic Offence. We help clients avoid licence suspensions and disqualifications and always aim for ‘section 10s’ and conditional release orders without conviction when appropriate. Sometimes, a licence suspension is unavoidable and when this is the case, we make sure the suspension period is held to the minimum possible.

Whether it is a fine which comes with demerit points, or you are charged with a serious Driving And Traffic Offence, contact us now to arrange conference with expert traffic and driving lawyers who will advise you as to how best manage your legal issues.

Any licence holder can find themselves charged with the Driving And Traffic Offence of drink driving if they consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel. The impact on reputation, employment, and your capacity to support and care for those around you can really take a hit.

We are deal with grey areas in the law such as the impact medical marijuana on drivers. People are often shocked when they are charged with drug driving days after consuming marijuana.

Don’t just walk into court and hope for the best when dealing with Driving And Traffic Offences. Speak with Nott and Co Lawyers and plan for the best.

What Are Driving And Traffic Offences?

If you have been charged with any of the following Driving And Traffic Offences, call Nott and Co Lawyers to arrange a free first teleconference:

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Drink Driving

  • Drive while there is prescribed illicit substance present in oral fluid, blood or urine sample

  • Drive while unlicensed, unregistered or suspended

  • Fail to stop and give particulars

  • Furious or reckless driving

  • Negligent driving

  • Police Pursuit

  • Predatory Driving

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  • Where you were suffering from a mental illness at the time of the offence (mental illness)
  • Where your conduct was necessary to prevent serious injury or danger (necessity)
  • Where someone threatened or coerced you into committing fraud (duress)

Defence Of Human Trafficking Charges

Full time imprisonment is an option open to the Courts, so the charge of Human Trafficking is a serious one. Nott and Co Lawyers will defend your rights if charged. Our experts can negotiate with police, seek to have facts amended, run a dispute facts hearing if required and provide you with a robust defence if you wish to plea not guilty.

We Will Respond Within 24hrs

If you are in trouble with the law, you need to get legal advice as soon as possible. The most important thing for Nott and Co Lawyers is to get back to you quickly.

Our commitment to anybody who reaches out to us is that we will be back in touch within 24hrs – personally and not via automated message.

People work around the clock these days and Nott and Co Lawyers always has the lights on to make sure that if you need us, you can find us.

Technology is in the DNA of Nott and Co Lawyers. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facetime, dictation software, and mobile phones are everyday tools that we use to keep costs down for our clients and ensure that our lawyers are accessible.

We have a network of barristers and solicitors from all fields of legal practice. We call upon them for our clients to make sure that legal issues are examined from all angles.

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